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Meet the Exceptional Team at Unicaf University Zambia

Welcome to Unicaf University Zambia, where our dedicated team of experienced educators, researchers, and administrative professionals is committed to providing a world-class educational experience. Our staff is the backbone of our institution, fostering a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment that empowers our students to achieve their full potential.

At Unicaf University Zambia, we pride ourselves on our diverse and highly qualified faculty who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise from various academic disciplines. Our lecturers and professors are not only accomplished scholars but also passionate educators who prioritize student engagement and success. They are dedicated to mentoring and guiding students through their academic journey, ensuring that they are well-prepared for their future careers.

Our administrative team works tirelessly behind the scenes to support the academic mission of the university. From admissions and student services to financial aid and career counseling, they provide the essential support that ensures a smooth and enriching university experience for all our students.

Together, our staff at Unicaf University Zambia is united by a common goal: to create a transformative educational environment that promotes academic excellence, fosters innovation, and develops the leaders of tomorrow. We invite you to learn more about our team and discover how their dedication and expertise make Unicaf University Zambia a premier destination for higher education.

Prof Mpazi Sinjela - Staff Profile in Unicaf University in Zambia

Prof Mpazi Sinjela LLB, LLM, JSD (Yale)
Ceremonial Head of the University.

Dr Christine Phiri Mushibwe - Staff Profile in Unicaf University in Zambia

Dr Christine Phiri Mushibwe BEd, MA, PhD
Academic Leadership and in-country vision and mission.

Dr Lameck Mwewa - Staff Profile in Unicaf University in Zambia

Dr Lameck Mwewa B.Eng, MSc, PhD
Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Academic Affairs
Accountable to the Vice Chancellor for smooth management and operations of the university. Responsible for supervising university department(s) and head(s).

Dr Marirajan Thiruppathi - Staff Profile in Unicaf University in Zambia

Dr Marirajan Thiruppathi BSc, MA (SW), MPhil, PhD
Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Research and Innovation
Reporting to the Vice Chancellor for roll out of the research and innovation programme of the University. Responsible for supervision of Research Clusters and faculties research and publication work.

Mrs Abigail Nachilima Chalwe - Staff Profile in Unicaf University in Zambia

Mrs Abigail Nachilima Chalwe BA, MA
Dean Student Affairs/Lecturer
Responsible for the management of student affairs. Lecturer in both core and induction modules.

Dr Lupiya Daniel Mpolomoka

Dr Lupiya Daniel Mpolomoka
Dean of Education, Social Sciences and Humanities
Responsible for the School of Education, Social Sciences and Humanities at Unicaf University in Zambia, the Dean is a forward-thinking leader committed to transforming education with creative teaching methods and creating a nurturing learning atmosphere for students.

Dr Mary Mandiringana - Staff Profile in Unicaf University in Zambia

Dr Mary Mandiringana
Dean of School of Business and Management
Responsible for the School of Business and Management, the Dean is a strategic leader dedicated to fostering business expertise and entrepreneurial drive in our students.

Dr Clement Mubanga Chela

Dr Clement Mubanga Chela
Dean of School of Health and Applied Sciences
Responsible for fostering interdisciplinary excellence to academic rigor and inclusivity.

Mr Tyson Syamunyangwa - Staff Profile in Unicaf University in Zambia

Mr Tyson Syamunyangwa BA
Operations Manager
Responsible for operations at the campus.